“We’re going to take our dog on a trip to Europe. Tell us please, what documents are needed for animal, what vaccinations are required and how much does it cost?”

For crossing the border of the state where you are going with an animal, you need to know the requirements of the country. All veterinary services are informed of the rules of transportation of animals, but, for example, in the veterinaries of Leninsky district of Minsk, we were told that the requirements of any country must specified by the owner of the animal, as in different EU countries the requirements may vary. According to the common rules for travel to Europe with an animal, you need a veterinary passport and a standard veterinary certificate, moreover the animal must be chipped (for Russia and Ukraine chipping is not required). You can prepare the animal for the trip in both public and private veterinaries.
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Each year, pets owners face the same problem: who takes care of the pet when the family have a holiday and see the sights of distant countries?

Which is not only the tricks of the owners have to walk dogs, cats and other domestic animals.

The owners of dogs, cats and other pets try to do everything possible.
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Leave or take

March 29th, 2012

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On holiday, many people refuse long trips (and sometimes do not go anywhere) because of their pets.

The main problem is that they have noone to leave the animal with or they are afraid to take it with them on a journey.

There are usually only two ways: to leave the animal with friends or in a special hotel, or take it with you on a journey.
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Any flight is a serious stress to the human body.

And especially for our beloved pets. But sometimes you can not avoid such situations when you have to take the animal with you.

The owners worry about the state of the pet and try to make it comfortable and safe. Flight with animals should be carefully planned. Then it will be less painful.
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People travel not only with their husbands, wives and children, but also with animals. On the average about 100 animals pass through veterinary station in Kiev airport Borispol daily, most often cats and dogs, and also decorative cockroaches and elephants.
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Travel Tips: Transportation of animals

If you decided to travel with your pet, you should pay attention to the rules for transporting animals.

For the purposes of export the animal in the first place you need the documents for the transportation of animals. Cats and dogs are:
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Importation of pets without a permit obtained in advance at the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is prohibited (contact telephone number in Australia 612 62723933).


A certificate of vaccination is not required. When importing pets, a veterinary certificate is required.


When importing p
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To give advice – as it is known is churlish. However, to follow the advice of others is sometimes even less reasonable than to give it yourself.

For example, two weeks ago, the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”, answering questions from readers whether it possible to export a parrot from Russia, without any references or permission, shared the following information.
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